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From offices in Winter Park, Florida and Brentwood, Tennessee, the Blanchfield Law Firm represents
small businesses and public sector entities in EMPLOYMENT and INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY litigation.
We also represent businesses and individuals in the diverse areas of ENTERTAINMENT LAW.
Our vision is to provide appropriate counsel in order to avoid costly litigation. In the world of employment law, this includes drafting and review of a company's employee handbook,
audit of HR records, development of an affirmative action plan, and examination

of a company's categorization of its employee's as either salaried or hourly. Through this review process, a company or public sector
entity is better able to reduce risk and avoid costly litigation. When litigation is necessary, we provide quality professional representation in all Florida state and federal courts of law. We have experience in employment law litigation including sexual harassment, all forms of discrimination including age and disability, wage and hour (overtime)

disputes, Family Medical Leave Act Claims, Whistle-blower claims, HIPAA, COBRA, OSHA and the Equal Pay Act.

The Blanchfield Law Firm also repesents businesses and individuals in the complex area of intellectual property law. This work includes trademrk and copyright registration and litigation.
We similarly businesses and individuals in the creative world of entertainment law.
This includes drafting and negotiating all types of contracts for artists, managers, producers and promoters.
For copyright owners, this work also includes drafting, negotiating and when necessary
litigation of royalty agreements and licensing aggreements. For artists and others, we we also work on behalf of copyright owners
to recapture rights in accordance with the Copyright Revision Act of 1976.
Whether its registering a copyright to your work, negotiating a licensee or litigating a trademark, we can help.



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We represent companies in other areas of business. This area of the practice includes contract development, contract review and litigation of contract disputes as well as all areas on non-competition claims including drafting and litigation of non-compete and non-disclosure agreements, confidentiality agreements, and claims brought under the Uniform Trade Secrets Act.


Finally, we represent business and individuals in many areas of common law including defamation, breach of contract, invasion of privacy, tortious interference with contractual relations, fraud, promissory estoppel, intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress, negligent hiring (supervision, and/or retention), assault & battery, false imprisonment, and related claims.

From experience, we are able to translate the law into practical and effective solutions for today's wide variety of workplace challenges. Our goal is to provide professional, practical solutions to your workplace needs which are not only effective, but easy to implement.
Email: Bob@Blanchfieldlawfirm.com